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Elements for cricket bats   (Willow cleft)

Everyone knows that cricket is the sound of “leather on willow”, but it’s not any old willow. Cricket Bat Willow is a variety all of its own – Salix alba ‘Caerulea’. This fast-growing and straight-stemmed variety of willow produces wood that is tough but lightweight and does not shatter easily - ideal for cricket bats. It’s a skilled business choosing the best wood, and there is a market for good quality cricket bat willow timber. Logs are split into “clefts” and shaped into the rough bat shape or “blade”. The ends are then waxed to prevent the wood drying out and splitting.

The wood is carefully air-dried over a period of 4 months air dry and 30-35 days in kiln dry to the correct moisture content and the blades are graded according to grain, colouring and any small blemishes. From Grade 1, which is the very best, blemish-free wood, to Grade 4, which will play just as well but will have more blemishes. The premium bat blades are the whitest with the closest grain. “Blemishes” on the face of a bat will be variations in colour, inconsistencies of grain, and “specks” - tiny grains of grit taken up into the tree from the soil. Tiny, “living” knots are confined to the edge of the blade, and larger, “dead” knots are cut out and filled and will only appear on the reverse of a blade.

Many world known companies use our willow for many years and every day we recieve new orders, some from companies and some from individual buyers themselves.

Process of loading, unloading and treatment of wares

In the pictures and recordings below, you can see the process that logs go through and how we use the latest technology to get to the final product.

Visiting India

A picture of a visit to a factory in India in order to learn the original skills and methods of making cricket elements from masters who have been doing it since the beginning of this niche.

One plank, one table

Dining table is the beauty of your dining area. Choosing a solid south america walnut wood dining table is not a simple work because you dont want to make a wrong choice since it is an expensive thing and you need to be bit careful. There are many items in the house which you can compromise with low quality however dining table is not one of them. Suar Wood dining table means always quality and Drvo-As Serbia gives you the best and durable suar wood dining table for your home!

In many families meals or dinner parties is a gathering part of the whole family and dining table will cherish all the moments of eating with friend and family! The beauty and elegance of the dining table increase the gatherings making all of them feel its presence. Drvo-As uniquely craft the best dining tables and other furniture for your home and office. The best part of getting a custom built dining table is you will be glad that it will be unique to your home. You can also add additional features which you want in your dining table as per your requirement. We customize any length of the dining table from small to group by dining tables exactly what the customer want!

What happens when you cannot find a table that does not complement with your other room? Suar wood tables are very popular furniture that will blend with any room, its decorations and color easily and make your room look attractive. By getting the right quality dining table, you can find a quality table that will see in your family meal for years to come. So put your money in the real, quality furniture for your dining room! We are here to help you, tell us your requirements and we will make your dream furniture!

Work on the exterior of your premises

Our wide range of services also includes exterior work that can cover anything from smallest improvments to big projects, so the best thing to do is to contact us if you have a question about this kind of business

Production of interior elements 

We also provide services and products for enterior elements and this goes from small closets to bigger projects where we adjust the whole enterior to your liking. Here aswell, the best option is to contact us if you are interested about this kind of work.

Production of windows

We work on the production of windows, and u can see more detailed examples in the pictures bellow, and you can contact us through the contact page for more information.

Production of front doors, aswell as others

We also work on the production of front doors (and many others) for various premises, and you can find examples of them in the pictures bellow.

Wood processing

Our company supplies raw materials from all parts of Europe, organizeslogging, processing and distribution. We specialize in wide range of species, both truncated and untruncated. We have almost all types of native wood in the form of elements to planks. We strive to be more focused on customer needs and desires.


Beech and ash tree are main raw materials being used in our company. We conduct carefull selection of trees that grew in extremly good climatic conditions and on appropriate lands. This natural influence on healthy growth of the trees provides excellent quality, hardness, flexibility abd other great characteristics. Carefull selection of logs by experienced staff preceds the processing of the logs themselves.

Random services/products

For any kind of service or product we didn't list here but you think we can provide for you we urge you to contact us through our contact page